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Ad Management

This is where your saved images, content and saved templates go.

You can Right Click on any of the files to see more options.


To select more then one file hold down CTRL on your computer  and LEFT click on a selection

If you would like to save your files to your computer you can. Select the files you want to save then click the Create Archive icon. You have to make sure you have enough image space on your account to save the archive file. If you do not have enough space it will not create an archive for you.

After your archive has been created you will see the file in your folder.

If you want to delete a file or image click on the file then on your keyboard click enter.

IMPORTANT : Only delete images that are not in current live listings. If you delete an image it removes the image from the file hosting. If you deleted an image and need to have it restored, upload the image again with the same file name as the deleted missing image. This will restore the image to any listings using the image.

To upload images in bulk use Firefox or Chrome. You can drag the images from your computer into the image folder.

For Internet Explorer IE users you will need to click the upload files button.

Once you click the upload files button you will be taken to your computer files. Find the folder with your images.

Internet Explorer IE - You can only select one image at a time.

Firefox and Chrome - You can select more then one image file by holding down CTRL and holding down the left mouse button.

Once you are done picking images click open. This will upload the files to your folder.

To see a bigger view of the image in your images folder once they are uploaded double click on the image file.

You can resize - rotate and edit your images. Click on the image file you wish to edit. Click the Resize and Rotate icon.

The image editor will open up.

Click on Advance Editor to use the more advance editor.

You can sort your files by clicking the Sort Icon.