Free Auction Designs
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If you are use to the old way of editing designs you can find the site still online here

If you would like to edit the template yourself without using the creator click the GET HTML button. This is only recommend for people who know html.

Remember that you can use the template creator and generate html as well. You can edit that code using an editor.

Paste the code into any pure text/html editor. Notepad comes free with windows.

Find the tags in the template file.

<!--TITLE-->Delete this and type your TITLE<!--TITLE-->

<!--IMAGES--><p align="center"><IMG src=""><br></p><!--IMAGES-->

<!--DESC-->Delete this and type your DESCRIPTION<!--DESC-->

<!--SHIP-->Delete this and type your SHIPPING INFO<!--SHIP-->

<!--PAY-->Delete this and type your PAYMENT INFO<!--PAY-->

Where you see our sample text and image you place what you would like to show up.

Here is an example.


<!--TITLE-->Delete this and type your TITLE<!--TITLE-->

Where you see Delete this and type your TITLE remove what is there and type what you would like

<!--TITLE-->This is my title<!--TITLE-->

For images you can copy the tag as many times as you like for as many images you would like to use.

<!--IMAGES--><p align="center"><IMG src=""><br></p><!--IMAGES-->

Where you see  You paste your image URL.

You can copy and paste the image tag as many times as you like adding in your own urls.