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How to save a listing template and content.

Once you are done making the listing click the SAVE button at the bottom.

Type the name of your saved listing. Please do not use spaces or special characters. You will get a success screen confirming the saved listing. You will see at the bottom of the template bar the name of the saved listing you are working on.

This is where your saved template listings go.  Click on Management at the top of the site.

This will take you to the file management system. The listings you have created and saved will be under SAVED TEMPLATES.

You can click on the saved template file and the listing creator will load with that saved template.

REMINDER: The content area under the file management is NOT your saved templates. They are saved content for your listings. For example description and payment options. This will not open if you click on the file in the file management area. You must load them into the content area when you create a listing with the creator. See instructions below.

Here is how you save and load in content areas. Fill out the content box for example shipping. Click the save icon at the top right.


Type in the name of the saved content.

To load the content go to the content box you would like to load the details into. Click the load saved content button.

Find the content you have saved.

It will load into the content box.