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Not all designs will have all the area options. For example, if you are using a template design that does not have a header or footer then the area will not show up on the listing creator for that design.
Don't forget you can create your own areas on your listing ad by clicking the widget button at the bottom right.

Deleting an area
If you would like to remove one of the areas on the design you can by clicking the RED X icon at the end of each area.

Moving the areas.
You can also drag the areas on the screen in the order you would like them to show up.  Put your mouse on the top bar of the area. For example Header Image. You will see your mouse will turn into a cross curser. Keep your left mouse button clicked. Then drag the area up and down to where you would like it to show up on the listing ad.

Areas of the creator.

1. Header Image - This is the welcome header.

2. Ad Title -This will be the title of your listing ad. You can change the font style by using the easy to use editor options.

3. Images - This is where you put your images for your listing ad. 

Pick a style. At this time we offer 4 style options. To add images click on the camera icon. Here you can select from images you already uploaded or upload new.
Click on the images you would like to use in your listing ad. You will see the images will go at the top of the window. Once you are done picking images click the + sign icon. This will load the images into the listing creator.

If you want to upload images at the time you create the listing click the upload files icon on the image management window.
Reminder if you are using Firefox or Chorme you can drag and drop in bulk into the file management box.

Once you click the upload files button you will be taken to your computer files. Find the folder with your images.
Internet Explorer IE - You can only select one image at a time.
Firefox and Chrome - You can select more then one image file by holding down CTRL and holding down the left mouse button.
Once you are done picking images click open. This will upload the files to your folder.

Give your image round edges by clicking the round edges option.
Want a border around your images? Click the board option and select a color. Use the slider to make the border thinker or skinner.
If you want to add a shadow to your images click the shadow option. Use the slider to make the shadow bigger or smaller.

To delete an image put your mouse over the image you want to delete and click the Red X.

Move move images around left click hold the left mouse button down on the image and drag your mouse to where you want the image to be.

Description Shipping and Payment options.
4. Description - The description of your listing ad.
5. Shipping - The shipping options you offer for your listing.
6. Payment - The payment options and terms for your listing.

You can use the easy to use editor options to change the font settings, add more images, add flash and more.

If you put your mouse over any of the options it will give a small details box explaining the area you have put your mouse on.

Don't forget you can add images into your content boxes as well by clicking on the image icon in the context box area. This is perfect for people who use their own hosting like photobucket.
To add in your own html or code click on the Source option. Don't forget to click on Source again to go back to design mode. If you are adding in details from WORD click on the brown clipboard icon.

Saving and Loading Content.

1. Save the content you have created for other listings. This makes it easy to create an ad. For example lets say you have the exact same payment options for all your ads. You can save the payment content you have have created for later use with other listings.

2. Click this option to load in content you have already created. Just find the file and double click on it. It will then load into the content box.

If you need the content box to be smaller or longer click at the bottom right arrow, hold in your mouse button and drag the arrow up and down.

7. Footer
This is the bottom of the listing. This option usually says Have a nice day or Thank you for shopping. If you do not want this option on your listing then click the red x.

Options at the bottom of the listing creator

1. Preview - This will show you a full preview of the ad you are creating.
2. Save - Want to save your design ad for later? Click this option to save your ad in the management system.
3. Load - Load a listing that you have already saved  in the management system..
4. Reset - Only use this option if you want the full page to clear out so you can start over again.
5. Go Back - This will take you back to the designs we have to offer.

6. Widget - You can use this option to add your own areas to the design. For example if you wanted to add a contact us option on your listing ad click content widget. You will see it will create an extra area on the design creator for you.

NOTE: If you are using FAD's paid upgraded eBay listing service you can skip this area. Our service will post your ads for you.

7. Generate Ad HTML - This is how you generate your ad. You take this code
1. After you have created your listing in the listing creator click the Generate Ad HTML button

2. Click your mouse in the Generated AD HTML Code box This will auto highlight all the code. Right click in the box > Copy

3. You then go to where you would like to use the listing ad. Paste the listing code into any HTML / CODE VIEW supported area .
Most editors allow you to right click your mouse and click the paste option. In this example I am pasting the code into eBay's description box.

Use these keyboard commands to paste   Window Users -  CTRL & V     Mac User - Command Key & V
To learn how more about copy and paste visit this site