Free Auction Designs
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In the content/widget box type your text. Once you are done you can highlight all the text with your mouse.

Use the Font option and select the font you would like to use.

To change the size select the size option and pick your size number.

To change the color select the A with an underline. Pick the color you would like to use.

To align your text select from one of the four options. In this example I am selecting Center.

When you are done editing your text just click in the box with your mouse. You will see the finish product.

You can save your font settings and load them into any content/widget box to save time in the future.

Once you have the font set up how you want it click the Save contents for quick loading later option.

Type the name you would like to call your save content. Click Save. You will see a Success box saying Content has been saved.

To load saved content go to the content / widget area of the template you would like to work with. Click the load saved content option.

Your saved file will load into the box with the correct settings.