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How to use your own photo image hosting like photobucket.

Find the template you would like to use and click on create.

If you are not using FreeAuctionDesigns for your images remember on the listing you are creating to click the red x at the top right corner for images to have that area removed from your template. You can not add your own image hosting to the images area. The images must be added in using a content box.


Go to the content box you would like to add the images to. For example description. Click the icon for image.

The image properties window will pop up. You will need to have the image URL that you are going to be using.

For photobucket users go to your account there and find the image you want to use. Click on the direct link option. Copy the image URL.

Go back to the listing you are creating and click the URL box. Paste in your image URL. Click in the preview window to see a preview.  Once done click ok.


You will see the image has gone into the content box.

Remember you can make your own content boxes by clicking the widget button at the bottom of the creator.