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Go to YouTube and find the video you would like to add to your listing template.

Click the Share option text

Click the Embed option text - Pick your video size. IMPORTANT click use old embed code box option.

Right click the video code option box - Select the option select all

Right click the video code option box again - Select copy

In FreeAuctionDesigns find the template/content box/widget you would like to add the video code to. In this tutorial I will be added the code into the description content area of my design.

Click the Source option - In the box right click - Click Paste

You will see the code will load into the box.

Click on the Source option again. You will see a box that says FLASH in red. This is your video.

If you would like to align your video to the center of the box with your mouse click the red Flash box option. Then click the align center option.

Once you are done editing click the preview option on the bottom left.

You will now see a preview of your video content.